The results of the Free Legal Aid system in 2017 were represented


30.01.2018 minjust 3Today, on the 30th of January, a reporting session was held in the Ministry of Justice, concerning the results of the activities in 2017. The Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko, First Deputy Minister of Justice Nataliya Bernatska, Deputy Minister of Justice Olena Sukmanova and Svitlana Hlushchenko, as well as the Director a.i. of the Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision Oleksіі Boniuk, have all participated in the corresponding press conference.

According to the head of the Ministry of Justice, protection of the citizens’ and businesses’ rights, as well as the development of modern services, have been the main directions of work of the Ministry for the last year. According to him, the development of the full-fledged free legal aid system, which has been recognized as one of the best in the world, had been completed.

Currently, there are 551 access points to free legal aid across the country. Almost 880 thousand Ukrainians had referred to our centres and bureaus or with the help of the single contact centre for consultation. Today, almost 8,000,000 Ukrainians have the right for free legal aid" he said.

The Director of the Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision laborated on the activities of the free legal aid system of Ukraine during the last year.

Thus, almost 660 thousand direct applications to the centres and legal aid bureaus were recorded last year. According to Oleksii Boniuk, that it is more than one and a half times than in the previous year. According to him, "this indicates the citizens` need for such aid, as well as their trust to the system".

The operators of the single contact centre of the free legal aid system (round-the-clock number 0 800 213 103) have received over 156 thousand calls. In addition to this, last year the office of the contact centre in Sumy was opened, which specializes in providing legal consultations. During the six months of the work of this office, more than 22 thousand legal consultations have been provided.

In 2017, staff of the centres and legal aid bureaus organised 2567 remote access points to the legal aid, as well as more than 10,000 field visits of the mobile consulting points.

"This is extremely important for those people who can not, for some reason, or because of certain special needs, reach the centres independently", said Oleksii Boniuk.

"Among the priorities of our work this year is the strengthening of the legal capacity of the communities, as well as improvement of the quality of legal aid provision. In particular, due to the improvement of the current quality management system, the establishment of Public Defender’s Offices and the institute of mentoring, as well as due to the opening of modern communication platforms in the five largest cities. Our goal is to provide quality legal aid services to all who need it", - Oleksii Boniuk.

Director a.i. of the Coordination Centre has expressed his gratitude to the governments of the USA, Canada and Denmark, the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine and the International Renaissance Foundation for their cooperation and assistance in developing the system of free legal aid in Ukraine and their support of the corresponding initiatives.

"To take advantage of the opportunity I would like to call on the Ukrainian citizens: contact the centres and legal aid bureaus. Let`s protect the rights together!", - Oleksii Boniuk.

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